Friday, January 8, 2010


sunshine brought him in
jabberwockying, mid-meals
a gleam on my rearview mirror
of the car i never drove or dreamt up
but the one that pushed my train up the hill
from where i could see
the sea

a high tide, surging up a haze
a reverie in green, white and blue
shimmering a million pieces held, glued
a whistle that held the tune

breezing in, the curtains they pirouette
in circles and halves
broken and oblique
tangential like the lives that hold us
you remind me
of people i wanted to visit and of places i wanted to be
an incandescent looking glass
a brasso-ed haft, the split veneer
laughing perversely at our trails
refracting, bouncing, imagining

never was that kind word silent
never was the one stoic , liquid
hear me out, tonight if you will
i rhyme and conjure
those hundreds-and-thousands
in colours you and i summoned

round them up, whisk them in the trowel
and sink them in urns
bury, in the lair
for soon
we'll find them pickled
with stories, yours and mine
and sundried

1 comment:

javed said...

you and your adjectives.