Tuesday, January 12, 2010


for most of you who know me 
and know all the other stuff that most people who know me, know about me
you know that i have a website
that i hardly ever end up updating with my work
because i can hardly understand the code and the process now
with my head swimming with things more important than HTML and suchlike

so what i've managed to do
and it's an accomplishment for me (ergo, the need for applause)
is that i've managed to put together some of my work
on yet another social networking website
but it's done
and it's one less thing to do in 2010

i'll keep it updated hopefully

check it out if you may


1 comment:

payal wadhwa said...

made it to the 15 featured designers for the fortnight on coroflot! (15 jan 2010)