Thursday, January 14, 2010


Swerving toes of men hung
in shamed centuries that 
mark the plot
shadow my days and junkets
in frigid time and passing weather
Stretching blankets of green 
with corners that thus spake
the ones I write, tonight 
preceded by, an asterisk.

Listings, exemplars, epochs
ascertained and appropriated
Perusal, yours
Debate and egresses, created.

As you leave
When the cold snatches your breath
and blows back smoke rings, you swallow
read, the notes in the haze.

The fog that bobs and bears
spiel and legend
parallel cities and spans
metered, devised and punctuated.

Speckles in shimmering consistencies
strewn across collective universes
that sing the songs in drones we know;
out of bassinets and petri-dishes
and climb the proverbial doublehelix
fragile, in welded snowflakes 

And as they descend the inverted skyscraper
turning along it's inclining walls
falling inwards, back to where it all started
they mate, cheat and play the game of bacchus
spirited, in wine and daze

I watch,tickled, in my head
as they climb, slowly 
gravitating to the pulsating sciatic
precariously stretched nerves and hide
untangled, suspending
a trampoline
throbbing names
throbbing dates
throbbing pain

Apophenia, today

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